Depression Story By: Craig

I have suffered with prolonged bouts of major depression for almost 20 years. Six months ago, I was at rock-bottom. I was unable to work. I was so depressed that I could not drive or even watch tv and follow along. (I am a 38 year old father of two who runs the family business, so this bout of depression was crippling). After about a dozen unsuccessful antidepressant combinations, my wife insisted that I try Neurostar TMS therapy. It is the best decision I ever made. Within three weeks of starting treatment, I was back at work. At the conclusion of the six week therapy, I felt great! I was happy again for the first time in years. It is now six months later and I am still doing well. I am only on one medication and I am able to really enjoy my life. TMS gave me my life back in six weeks. I now tell everyone I can about my amazing transformation.

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