Depression Story By: A.M.

I first began experiencing depression when I was an undergrad in college, but I didn’t seek treatment at that time. I have lost count of my number of depressive episodes and over the past six years or so, I spent about 85% of the year depressed. Depression has completely changed my life in a negative manner. I was so ill I had to apply for disability (I am a gerontologist and work with senior citizens). I completely destroyed my career goals and I would try and isolate myself from friends.

My Psychiatrist, Dr. Deirmenjian, was so enthusiastic about the new treatment and thought I would be a good candidate for TMS Therapy. He was so confident that this would work for me. From the years that I spent in the black hells of depression, with TMS I had a chance to lead a normal life. Receiving TMS Therapy was completely miraculous. I have a sensitive system and had tried so many other medications prior to TMS. I was discouraged and the future seemed bleak. On session 14 of 20 of TMS, the depression lifted completely! I could be alive again, not a dead person pretending to be alive – and this made the treatments worth it. I have hope for a better future, free of depression. I can dream again and know that my dreams can become reality if I’m free from depression. TMS has given me a new life. I can enjoy practicing martial arts again.

TMS treatment had no negative side effects for me. The treatment was so subtle that I would often wonder if it was helping at all. It was so nice to try something different besides pills that I am often allergic to.

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