Depression Story By: June

Depression limited every aspect of social relationships, formal education, and career for me. There was a lot of alienation and shame for me. I was experiencing depression as far back as I can remember and I’ve had deep periods of sadness and melancholy. It seemed to get worse as I got older. I have had depression throughout my whole life on and off. It would last for months, weeks, or days. I am 62 and semi retired. I was an Interior Designer. I’m married and have six grandchildren.

NeuroStar TMS Therapy was suggested to me by Dr. Kinback so I could eliminate the medication that I was on and its potential side effects and for long term use. It feels better to me to be taking a much lower dosage of antidepressants – especially having taken them for so many years. I still hope that in the future it would be eliminated completely. I had some difficulty in the beginning from withdrawal of medication interfering, but it did pass. The TMS Therapy itself is not painful – some tapping and tingling. I thought I felt better almost immediately until the second or third week when I felt much worse; however I believe that was from stopping the antidepressants suddenly within that same time period. I do feel much better now, with some med modification. The main difference is that I went from 60mg of medication down to 20mg and for me that was very important. Currently, I feel much better. Before, there were days I didn’t and couldn’t get out of bed – too fired and sad to do anything. I experienced a lot of guilt and shame also. I don’t know how long this remission will last but I feel more hopeful as well. It feels better to me not to be so heavily medicated all the time and I still had bouts of depression, (less and further between than without meds) with medication. With TMS there haven’t been any side effects. Now I can enjoy painting, creative writing, and making my own jewelry. I also love to read, see good films, and consider myself a gourmet cook.

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