Depression Story By: Shawn

My life with depression was not fun. I didn’t really find enjoyment in everyday things and I hated going to school. I had social anxiety along with depression. It just took the fun out of everything. It took me awhile to realize that that’s what was wrong, and that depression was the problem. Even going to work was difficult. I didn’t want to wake up in the morning – I just wanted to go back to bed. Holding a job was difficult, and so was keeping relationships up. And I could imagine it would be difficult dealing with a depressed person in a relationship. But now I feel much better. I love life; I enjoy going to work and the gym. I have healthy relationships now. I have a lot of energy and I’m sleeping well. I still have my ups and downs, but my good days get me through my bad days.

Dr. Carlsen told my dad about NeuroStar TMS Therapy and I looked into it and it seemed like it was a good option for me. The first week of treatment was a little bit rough, getting used to the NeuroStar machine, the tapping and the sound. By the end of the second week, I was falling asleep in the chair. Probably by the third and fourth week, everyone around me said I was starting to look and sound better. I was waking up easier, my relationships were improving. I wasn’t cranky like I used to be.

For me, medications were not working and the side effects were not worth it. It wasn’t an option for me it was something I was going to have to do and it totally worked.

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