Depression Story By: jm9789

I have had several bouts with depression ,mostly due to my wifes three affairs ,during our 29 yr marriage.My oldest son was killed in an auto accident ,he was a Texas State trooper.Currently I am in deep depression ,I have tried all the medications ,counsolers ,etc…rite now I dont see any hope

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One Response to “jm9789’s Story”

  1. Colleen Johnson on April 30th, 2012 6:26 am

    I am sorry about the pain in your life. Maybe you should try to do something good for yourself and have TMS treatments. I had depression all my life – 60 years and TMS was highly successful for me. I cannot believe the life and relationships I have now compared to before the treatments. And I am off all medications. I have returned to school and am excited about my future for the first time in my life. Good luck and remember that there is hope through TMS.

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