Depression Story By: Leticia

I was brought to the usa since I was 11 and my life has never been the same.  I was married at the age of 14 and I had a miserable marriage, I’ve been disabled since I was 15 and I had a terrible childhood ’cause my father was an alcholic and my mother was a very angry person and when there were problem she would let it out on her kids , I’m a disabled mom with 2 kids and a husband, I used to work before I got married and had my little girl. My depression affects me daily, in the matter that I feel like drinking everyday, but I don’t, only the weekends or holidays. I have battle depression with taking baths or just taking sleeping pills and watch tv. What gives me hope is my wonderfu husband and my adoring children even thow they sometimes drive me crazy. Please help me, I don’t have meadical insurance and a few true friend have told me that I have bipolar. Please help me with all that you can, I don’t understand why I have so few happy moments and very many sad moment. I drink to cure the pain. Sincerely, Leticia

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