Depression Story By: bambi kemerly

I am a 54 female I just lost my mother. I am causing my husband, to work till its going to kill him i am using his money without telling him, I have a gambling problem. I have tried to quite smoking and drinking. I take 2 pills a day for the quit smoking I hasn’t worked REALLY DONT CARE IF I LIVE to day if an 18 wheeler hadn’t slowed down i was passing him with a car coming at me i might not be writing this if the truck didn’t slow down.I take 13 pills a day just to fuction and thats not working. i am going to a nurlogist tomorrow I do have a small tumor on the outside of my brain. I don’t want to loose my husband but i dont what else to do I am sure he would be better off without me. I reallt need help pplease help me

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