Depression Story By: bwalk

I have suffered with depression for many years. Actually, I think I had postpartum depression that wasn’t treated after the birth of my first child 22 years ago!!! My doctor and I believe I actually suffer from bipolar disorder, although I’ve been treated for depression. I’m going to be started on, probably, Lithium next month. I am 49 years old and I feel I have lost a sense of who I really am as a person. I have legal issues now that you would expect from maybe someone half my age. I shoplifted a bottle of carpet shampoo worth less than $20.00 which I had the money in my purse as well as store credit that would have more than covered the purchase. I have no idea why I did it. It is definitely not my nature. I know others consider me a good Christian woman and a mother who loves her family with all her heart,but what I feel now is very empty inside, not knowing what’s happening in my life. BTW, my older daughter is an honor’s student in college and my younder daugher (13) is a very caring, thoughtful young woman. I don’t feel like a good example for them.

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  1. Brenda on April 30th, 2019 12:43 pm

    Admitting that you have a problem and seeking help is a good example for your daughters.

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