Depression Story By: Mark Wilson

I submitted my story with you some time back, love the new layout of the site, and wanted to do a follow up. Since recovering from depression, I’ve written dozens of articles on family life, mental illness and general topical issues. I’ve collected these in an eBook called ”Paddy’s Daddy” which is available free for the next 24 hours on

and Amazon UK:

I’ve found that people have responded well to hearing of my 25 year battle with depression, and as I benefitted from others’ stories during my recovery, the least I could do was share my own story. Since recovering, I’ve also written a fictional novel ”Bobby’s Boy” and have started my second novel.

I hope you can help share my story.


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One Response to “Mark Wilson’s Story”

  1. Joan cronin on August 21st, 2016 4:36 pm

    My husband left me 10 months ago and I seriously depressed. I now live alone and haven’t anywhere to turn. I have been depressed before he left but this is bad

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