Depression Stories

The stories presented below are the real experiences of individuals battling depression. They've provided their stories as a resource to others battling the same affliction.



Before TMS, there was maybe a year when I was off medication and I was really into Buddhism.


Occupation: OBGYN nurse practitioner (retired)

My first episode of depression was back in 2002.



My name is Debbie and I have been going through a course of treatment of TMS.



I’ve pretty much had depression since I was a child.


Occupation: Housewife

I have dealt with depression since my childhood.



I think I’ve always had depression.



My name is Susan.


Age: 26
Occupation: Nursing Student

I’ve dealt with depression for a very long time.


Occupation: owner of an insurance agency

I have experienced ongoing depression for over 15 years.

Dr. Ryan Scott

Occupation: Retired educator

In looking far back, I was probably experiencing depression in my childhood (young adult).


Age: 21

My life with depression was not fun.

User Name*Carol

Age: 28
Occupation: CNA
Location: Fremont, CA

Hi,my name is carol I’m 28 years old and a long relationship with depression,anxiety,panic attacks and insomnia.

Mark Wilson

Age: 37
Occupation: teacher

I submitted my story with you some time back, love the new layout of the site, and wanted to do a follow up.


Occupation: Secretary

My name is Lisa.


Age: 30
Occupation: Homemaker
Location: Chico, CA

My name is Brianne.


Age: 42
Occupation: unemployed
Location: City, CO

Depression and severe anxiety have crippled me.


Age: 50
Occupation: Personal Care Attendant

I am 50 years old and working as a personal care attendant.


Age: 49
Occupation: Self employed
Location: Central City, PA

I have suffered with depression for many years.


Age: 48
Occupation: manager
Location: City, NC

I am 48 and have just seemed to lose my desire to do the things that I used to enjoy doing.


Age: 55
Occupation: Retired maintenence machinist
Location: Keyport, NJ

I was married for 24 years when my wife divorcd me.


Age: 39
Occupation: assistant service manager
Location: cedar rapids, IA

I am a middle aged woman who has been fighting depression for 15 years.

A Lutz

Age: 38
Occupation: Marketing
Location: Chattanooga, TN

I have battled depression for more than 20 years.

bambi kemerly

Age: 54
Occupation: unemployed
Location: Greenfield, IN

I am a 54 female I just lost my mother.


Age: 20
Occupation: Dog walker.
Location: San Antonio, TX

My name is Renea, I am twenty years old.


Occupation: Programmer
Location: City, VA

Some days like today are just long, where every minute stretches into an hour.


Age: 48
Occupation: Permanently Disabled
Location: Buffalo, NY

I am 48-year old man.

Tina - Hit with severe depression

Occupation: Office Manager-Fuel Industry

I am a mother of two, and a wife.

Robbie from Albuquerque

Age: 54
Location: Albuquerque, NM

NeuroStar TMS Therapy offered hope in what felt like a hopeless situation.

User Name*grnmtnboys74

Age: 55
Occupation: computers,photographer
Location: Galion, OH

My father & uncle both suffered clinical depression.


Occupation: Home engineer/with no pay check

I was brought to the usa since I was 11 and my life has never been the same.


Age: 57
Occupation: network technician
Location: ft worth, TX

I have had several bouts with depression ,mostly due to my wifes three affairs ,during our 29 yr marriage.


Age: 56
Occupation: Domestic Engineer : )
Location: Fritch, TX

This is hard for me because there is nothing pretty about depression.


Age: 63
Occupation: Videographer
Location: Bethesda, MD

I am a happy, creative person.


Occupation: retired IMB Electronic Engineer

I am a retired IMB Electronic Engineer.


Age: 48
Occupation: Nurse

My name is Laurie and I am 48 years old.


Age: 62
Occupation: Interior Designer

Depression limited every aspect of social relationships, formal education, and career for me.


I first began experiencing depression when I was an undergrad in college, but I didn’t seek treatment at that time.


I have been experiencing depression for many years (since 2005) and because of it I am currently unemployed.


Occupation: mechanical engineer
Location: California

My name is Phil Bunnelle.


Age: 44

I'm a 44 year old black female who has had depression her entire life.

Mark Wilson

Age: 35
Occupation: teacher

Depression Confession A Father’s Determination I have recently been thinking a lot about the subject of depression.

Steve Doss

I have suffered from severe clinical-resistant depression for 20 years.


Age: 28

I am 28 years old and on Disability because of my depression and anxiety.


I have suffered with prolonged bouts of major depression for almost 20 years.


I have suffered with moderate to severe clinical depression for over 30 years.


I am a mother, a wife, and I work part-time.

Josh Rosenberg

30 year old husband and father of two.


I first experienced depression in 2007 – my depression has been mild but chronic.

Christine A.

I am a stay at home mom and wife of a firefighter.


I’m a father, husband and professional in the healthcare field.

Janice C.

I am a married woman, mother of two and grandmother of three.


I work a stressful job and balance that with family life and all activities associated with having active kids.

Kristi K.

I am a small animal, exotics, wildlife and zoo veterinarian.


I’m a 33 year old mother of three and have two step-boys, the oldest is 14 and the youngest will be three in June.